Leonardo da Vinci Project `TEVAL´

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TEVAL: Evaluation Model for Teaching and Training Practice Competencies

In recent time, changes in the field of teaching and training have led to a shift in the demands on teachers and trainers. Teachers and trainers, especially in the VET-sector, are becoming more and more organisers of learning environments; they have to network and collaborate with community members, parents, and colleagues from other schools. Additionally, role changes include the use of new information and communication technologies.
The Leonardo da Vinci project Teval intents to contribute to the reflection and improvement of teaching competencies.
In the beginning each partner (respectively from Portugal-IPB/ESEB, Germany -UNIVATION, France- CR2i, Estonia-Tallinn Pedagogical University, Greece-WEGRE England-ENTENTE,) will develop a national framework of the existing approaches for evaluating practice teaching and training quality. These results will be published in a transnational report. In the national context competence dimensions will be discussed with relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, an evaluation handbook and supporting materials for initial and continuing teacher training are going to be provided, tested and disseminated.

Project duration: February 2005- July 2007


TEVAL Summary 2007


website:  www.teval.eu

Contact: Sandra Speer