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Univation is primarily specialised in carrying out evaluations, evaluation research as well as training and consulting in the field of evaluation. 

The institute is a spin-off from the University of Cologne and follows its "Centre for Evaluation of educational and social services" (1995-1999). From the beginning Univation has combined activities in the field of evaluation theory, practice and training.
The wide range of methods and its multidisciplinary orientation are characteristic of the institute. In addition, its members were involved in the foundation of the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval). Univation also plays an active role in the DeGEval and the European Evaluation Society (EES).

Evaluation Research
Univation is committed to the scientific development and comparative studies of evaluation theories and models. These models can be linked to various approaches of systematic assessment and deployment, such as quality management or organisational development. Surveys focussing on evaluation theory are carried out, mostly taking into account diverse perspectives and methods.
Evaluation research helps the clients to develop evaluation competencies and to extend their evaluation knowledge.
We consult organisations to develop their own monitoring or evaluation systems, setting up evaluation departments, designing evaluations or instruments for data collection.

Realising Evaluations
Evaluations carried out by Univation range from projects lasting a few days to several years, from local operational level to regional/ federal state level to federal and international level.
Our methods can be characterised by several different approaches. Practitioners should be able to adapt the evaluation instruments tailored for a specific measure to shape future projects. Formative evaluations immediately support the achievement of the programs objectives (process use). Data collection instruments are carefully pre-tested before use. They are adapted to organisational processes and the cooperation climate of the parties involved.

Mission Statement
It is our aim to provide our clients and other relevant stakeholders with useful and "easy-to-understand" information, to enable them to make clear decisions and implement their concepts in a realistic and effective way. We motivate parties involved to support evaluation activities and to employ evaluative thinking in their projects and measures.
Our evaluation philosophy is based on the current progress of evaluation theory and methodology, which is discussed in an international discourse and edited systematically.
We acknowledge that the subject matter, which is to be assessed by means of the evaluation, is characterised by substantial values and vital interests of the stakeholders. These facts make it a requirement for Univation to take on a neutral or impartial position.
Therefore, we use the German Evaluation Society's "Standards for Evaluation" as an obligatory framework in order to meet high professional and methodical demands of evaluations.
Multidisciplinary orientation is an identifying feature of Univation. In order to ensure specialised and professional competencies, experienced co-operative partners, who are commissioned depending on the project, complement the multi-professional internal team.
Univation mainly focuses on evaluation research, realisation and monitoring of evaluations, as well as training in the field of evaluation. The resulting experience and knowledge are integrated and used to continuously improve our service and quality.
It is our vision that evaluation becomes an integral part of the social, political and economic systems of Germany.

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