TEVAL II- Innovative Evaluation Model in Teaching and Training

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TEVAL II is a European Lifelong Learning project aimed at enhancing the competence evaluation process of teaching and training practitioners. The focus is on the development of a framework of common competences recognisable thoughout Europe, and also on the evaluation process itself. The first phase of the project (TEVAL I) was run as a 30 months "Leonardo da Vinci" pilot project and finished in 2007. Funding was approved in November 2007 to further develop the Phase I outcomes under the Transferability theme of the new "Lifelong Learning" programme. The aim is now to transfer the developing methodologies to more countries- especially those recently accepted as members of the European Community.

The project is being carried out (2007-2009) by a partnership made up with expert institutions in evaluation, from seven European countries: Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania and United Kingdom.

Hereunder you will find the first newsletter:

The second newsletter is avalilable now!

Contact: Katja Harich